Cycling Solutions in Motion 

We love seeing people getting out and enjoying the world on their bikes. The enthusiasm that results is why we are around. It's the primary reason our shop exists. We want to offer cycling solutions in motion. What does this mean? To us it means these four simple things:





If you are an avid cyclist, we want to push you to your limits in training and performance.


If you are new to cycling, we want to introduce you to the amazing possibilities and experiences it offers.


If you have a broken bike, we want to fix it so that you can get back on the trails and roads.


If you have special needs and a desire to get out and ride, we want to introduce you to the amazing alternatives cycling has to offer.

We are cycling solutions in motion

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Repair Services
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Riding with Disabilities

We have custom and innovative solutions to get you out riding

Every repair service you need to get you back on the road or trail

Check out the two wheel bikes and three wheel trikes we carry